SFTP Connection Validation

SFTP Connection Validation is used to test SFTP connections and assist in troubleshooting connections that use password validation (Note: the tool cannot be used to validate certificate authentication). Slate runs through a series of tests that seek to validate whether you've provided the appropriate connection settings when you use the tool. 

SFTP Connection Validation

  1. Select Database on the top navigation bar
  2. Select SFTP Connection Validation.
  3. Enter the connection settings associated with the SFTP account. You can also click Lookup Current IP Address if you don't know yours. 
  4. Click Validate. If the connection settings contain any errors, a list of error messages appears. 

Test Environment SFTP

Use the test folder and subfolders to test an upload from the SFTP site into a test environment. A subfolder for /test/outgoing is created automatically when a scheduled export is manually run from a test environment. 

Because test environments do not perform scheduled file imports, when files are dropped off into the /test/incoming folder or one of its subfolders, you must:

  1. Select Database from the main navigation.
  2. In the section Import and Data Processing, select Force Process Pickup.
  3. Use your browser navigation to return to the previous page.
  4. In the same section as before, select Force Process Import.

A subfolder for /test/incoming is created automatically when a source format includes this subfolder path as an Import Path/Mask. The Force Process Pickup process is run in a test environment.


The following is not an error message:

The IP address is allowed on the firewall, but there have been no connection attempts in the past 24 hours.

The message indicates that the IP address used in the validation tool has not yet been used to connect through an SFTP client. Try connecting through the SFTP client first and then utilizing the connection validation tool to help troubleshoot any issues. 

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