Connection Validation Tool

We recommend the use of the Connection Validation tool to test the connection and to assist in troubleshooting. This tool returns information from the server logs and provides specific information to help resolve the connection issue. The tool is accessed on the user account in the SFTP Access section.

A new tab opens on the web browser. Enter the connection settings associated with the SFTP account, and select Validate. If the connection settings contain any errors, a list of error messages appears.  


The following is not an error message:

The IP address is allowed on the firewall, but there have been no connection attempts in the past 24 hours.

The message indicates that the IP address used in the validation tool has not yet been used to connect through an SFTP client. Try connecting through the SFTP client. 


  Is there a separate Test SFTP?

No. To test an upload from the SFTP site into a Test Environment, use a test folder and subfolders.  A subfolder for /test/outgoing is automatically created when a scheduled export is manually run from a Test Environment.  A subfolder for /test/incoming is automatically created when a source format includes this subfolder as an Import Path/Mask.

If a file is dropped off into /test/incoming, the Force Process Pickup link from the Database should be used, since import pickup does not occur automatically as in Production Environments.

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