Exporting Decision Letters

Slate offers multiple methods for printing decision letters. Depending on your process, one or more of the options outlined below may be suitable for your office.

Exporting a Letter Template to Word

This method allows you to export the text of a Slate letter template to Word. Merge fields and Liquid Markup will display appropriately.

  1. Configure the Decision Code to be Printable.
  2. Associate the Letter Template with the printable Decision Code (for example, the Admit Letter is associated with the Admit Decision Code).
  3. Important: Ensure that the decision has been released for the target population.
  4. Build an "Applications" based query in Slate to isolate the target population.
  5. Run the query and select the Decision Letter Export to Word destination (If using a custom decision letter PDF, it is not possible to print letters through the Decision Letter Export to Word query output. In order to print custom PDFs, follow the instructions under the Download Individual Letter from Student Record or Download Letters in Batch sections.).

Exporting Applicant Data Points to Word

This method allows you to export specific applicant data points (such as name, address, or program information) to Word. Manage your decision letter templates (including images and links) in Word and use Mail Merge functionality to include the specific applicant data points.

  1. Create decision letters in Word (not in Slate).
  2. Build an "Applications" based query that includes all necessary applicant data points as exports (such as name, address, or program information).
  3. Run the query and select either the Excel Spreadsheet destination or the Mail Merge Word Document destination.
  4. After exporting the results, use the Excel spreadsheet to complete the mail merge in Word. Or install Slate Desktop and complete the Mail Merge setup.
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