Person records, Dataset records, and School records that have been recently merged are eligible for the Unmerge function, which is found in the Recently Merged section of Consolidate Records. As always, be cautious when merging records, since the Unmerge button is not an Undo button - it is simply the first step of the process to recreate the Alias record when records are erroneously merged.  

  1. Upon clicking the Unmerge button, a new record is created for the Alias record, and items that were previously associated with the Alias record that still exist on the Master record will be reassigned to the new Alias record. These items include fields, materials, interactions, applications, and sources.
  2. Once the Unmerge is complete, use a Time Warp (provisioned to just before the records were erroneously merged) to compare the records in production to how the records existed prior to the merge and manually edit the records in production as necessary.

Play close to attention to the values associated with the Master record. The only effect on the Master record during the Unmerge process is to reassign items that had been previously associated with the Alias record.  Any other changes, such as the addition of the Alias record's middle name to the Master record, will need to be updated manually. 

Additionally, any items that had been previously associated with the Alias record that no longer exist on the Master record at the time of the Unmerge will need to be recreated.  This includes items that were deleted and custom fields that did not merge onto the Master record either due to the safe nature of the merge or because the Master record already had a value for that field.

Since Slate uses an active, transactional database, unmerging records should be done as quickly as possible so that the Time Warp version of the records will most accurately resemble the version of the records that you are attempting to recreate. Any items such as form registrations and data imports that are added to the Master record after the erroneous merge will further complicate your Unmerge process.

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