Decision Release Overview

Decision Prep

Prepare the distinct Slate elements that are needed in order to successfully build post-decision rules. These same items are also required when eventually releasing decisions to applicants. These elements include: Decision Codes, Decision Reasons, Decision Letters, Reply Forms, and possible Status Update Deliver campaigns.

Decision Rules

Create post-decision release rules. These rules will add the reply form to an admitted student’s status page and automatically generate new decision codes and activities based on the student’s response to the offer of admission.

Decision Release

Begin assigning provisional decisions to your applicants. The Decision Release module will be used to confirm those decisions, assign decision letters, and release decisions to applicants.


Order is important. Do not skip steps or stages when organizing the decision process. Items that are built in Stage I are absolutely required in order to successfully build rules for Stage II. The rules that are built in Stage II are absolutely required in order to successfully release decisions during Stage III. 
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