Troubleshooting Release Decisions

This article presents some frequent topics related to using the Decision Release module in Slate.

Cannot release Admit, Deny, or Waitlist decisions.

  • Check the Decision Codes to see if a prerequisite has been added to the decision. 

Cannot add a decision (such as Deposit Pending or Enrolled) using a rule.

  • All decisions assigned using automation require a prerequisite. 
  • You can only add up to three prerequisite options in a decision rule. If you have more than that, you will need to create an additional rule.  This is why we recommend creating just one Admit decision and using Decision Reasons to assign different letters to different Admit populations. 
  • You cannot use rules to assign top level decisions like Admit or Deny. 

Students are receiving the Financial Aid letter before the Admit letter even though they were released at the same time.

  •  Set the “priority” on the Decision Code itself to manage the order of the presentation. 

Records are not updating with appropriate Decision Code and Payment Due activity after the Enrollment Reply Form has been submitted.

  • Have you created the Decision Reply and Activity rules as detailed in the documentation? 
  • Is the form Application scoped? 
  • If your test record has already submitted the form once, you need to delete the reply on the record AND from the form-registrants list on the form itself. 

The Enrollment Reply Form is appearing on the Student Status Portal before the student views their Admit decision letter.

  • Set Hide Forms Until Viewed on the decision itself. 

Cannot find a custom merge field for decision letter.

  • Create a Query called MergePublic, add it to your System folder in Query Builder.
  • Add the appropriate exports to the MergePublic query.  
  • Rename the exports so there are no spaces in the name.
  • Check "Share query with other users with the query and query base permissions" setting.
  • Type the merge field into the letter using curly brackets {{sample_export_name}}. 

Student did not receive the Decision Update system email.

There are several reasons this may be happening: 

  • Has the decision release date passed (i.e. the decision release date is not in the future)? 
  • Was the decision release date at least 15 minutes ago. This delay provides a short window of opportunity to un-release a decision prior to an email being sent. 
  • Is the decision associated with a letter or a custom letter upload in Slate? 
  • Is the decision for an application in an active period? 
  • Has decision already been viewed or marked as received? 
  • Does the applicant have an email address? 
  • Has another decision notification been sent to the student within the past 24 hours? 
    • Only one system email notification will go out every 24 hours. 

Cannot release a decision without initiating a decision notification system email.

  • Don’t assign a letter. By not assigning a letter, no system email is triggered when the decision is released. 
  • Make sure you do not have any letters set as "Default." 


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