Require School Reports

Inserting Submission Requirements

Hard and Soft Fails can be added to an application through the Application Logic function within Slate.

  1. Select Database on the top navigation bar and select Application Logic.
  2. Select Insert.
  3. Enter the following configurations in the popup window for each desired submission requirement:
    • Status: Make the requirement status Active.
    • Folder: Keep your records organized by putting them in a folder. Select Other to create a new folder.
    • Type: Set to Submission Requirement.
    • Name: Provide the text to appear when the applicant is missing information.
    • Warning: Select Hard Fail or a Soft Fail.
    • Group (optional): Add a Group here to quickly restrict the requirement to only the applicants who meet the group criteria you set up earlier. Slate automatically includes the filter criteria for the group in the requirement rule.
    • Base: Select Applications.

Click the Slate Scholar Lightbulb    in the top left corner for a complete listing of all setting descriptions.

Require a School Report

The submission requirement prevents an application from submitting an application without entering the minimum number of school officials.

Within the Application Logic configuration, set the following:
  • Section: Select the Academics page, which will begin as "aca -"
  • Filters:
    • School Report Number by Status: Allows searching for applicants who have a certain number of school reports that are excluded, received, or requested.

  Who will see this submission requirement?

Applicants who have entered fewer than one school official on the Academic History page.

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