Updating the Organization Contacts Query Base

The Organization Contacts dataset comes with each provisioned Slate instance, and offers a built-out dataset to store contact information at Organizations. The query base for Organization Contacts has been updated over time to ensure greater efficiency and accuracy. The older version of the Organization Contacts query base connects the organization contact with the organization when they have a CEEB in common, whereas the newer version of the query base provides all organization contact record data and joins in the related organization if provided. For this reason, the newer version of the Organization Contacts query base should be used going forward, as it offers more dynamic functionality and helps ensure against orphaned Organization Contacts records. 

Add the Latest Version from the Slate Template Library
  1. Click Database inthe top navigation bar and select Slate Template Library.
  2. Search for Organization Contacts; under Query Bases, you will find 'Organization Contacts.' Click Add.
  3. Set the Status to Active and assign a Read Permission.
  4. Click Save.
Inactivate the Previous Version
  1. Click Database in the top navigation bar and select Query Bases.
  2. There will be two query bases for Organization Contacts - one will have a key of d.[id], and one will have a key of d_contact.[id]. Click on the Organization Contacts query base with a key of d.[id]. This is the older version.
  3. Change the Status to Inactive.
  4. Change the Name of the Query Base to 'Organization Contacts (Old).'
  5. Change the Order to a lower number than the rest of the query bases, such as 999.
  6. Set Enable Lookup and Enable Query to No.
  7. Click Save.
Associate Query Exports & Filters with Updated Base
  1. Click Database in the top navigation bar and select Query Exports/Filters.
  2. Scroll to the block of exports and filters associated with the Organization Contacts query base. 
  3. Open each export/filter (one at a time) and select 'Organization Contacts' in the Base setting.
  4. Click Save as Copy.

Make sure to click 'Save as Copy' when going through the exports and filters. This ensures that existing queries utilizing the older Organization Contacts query base will continue to function as intended.


The export for 'Lookup' and the filter for 'Partial Match' under the Organization Contacts base drive the Lookup page functionality for the Organization Contacts query base. In order for Lookup to function as intended under the new query base, the outlined steps above must be taken.

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