Translation Code Import Source Format

The Translation Code Import source format, which can be added from the Source Format Library, allows you to add and update Translation Codes in batch.  

There is an Excel spreadsheet with the accepted column headers attached to this article.  You are also able to download your existing Translation Codes using the Current Translation Code List query in the Standard Query Library. Please see the following table for column descriptions and value instructions:

Column Description Data Type Option Values
ID Translation Code ID GUID To update an existing Translation Code, use the GUID of the existing code. To create a new Translation Code, leave this blank.
Active Active Status Bit 1 = Active; 0 = Inactive


If the Translation Code is Default, then its export values are used if the comparison value does not match any other Translation Codes within the Key group.


1 = Default; 0 = Not Default

Key Translation Code Key String  


The type of values to be compared. Leave this blank for Default Translation Codes. Required for all other Translation Codes.



string = String (Discrete Values); real = Real Number (Inclusive Range of Values); int = Integer (Inclusive Range of Values); date = Date (Inclusive Range of Values); datetime = DateTime (Inclusive Range of Values)



For string value types, this is the value that the comparison value must equal. For all other value types, this is the minimum value for the comparison value. Leave this blank for Default Translation Codes. Required for all other Translation Codes. String  
maxValue  For string value types, leave this blank. For all other value types, enter the maximum value for the comparison value. String   
Export Export Value String  
Export2 Export Value 2 String  
Export3 Export Value 3 String  
Export4 Export Value 4 String  
Export5 Export Value 5 String  

Once the import has completed, the Status will update to Completed. This source formats is special and does not update person or dataset records. Therefore, the Rows Imported value will display 0. Rest assured that if the import's status is Completed, the data was updated, so be sure to check the Translation Codes to confirm the changes.

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