Decision Letter Conditional Logic and Snippets

Partner institutions occasionally begin the letter creation process with the expectation that adding conditional logic to one letter will easily address their need for multiple letter versions (for example, international admits see one introduction while domestic admits see a different introduction).

While it is technically possible to use Liquid markup to create conditional letter elements, we do not recommend starting decision letter writing efforts with this level of technical ambition. Immediately introducing conditional logic to decision letters usually runs the risk of needlessly complicating the decision process (sometimes it is just easier to have multiple letters).

Consider consolidating existing letters where possible and then creating distinct and discernible letters in Slate. This will ensure a clear decision process in place for immediate business needs.

Gradually add Liquid markup to the letters once legitimate business needs have been identified and there is a better understanding of how letter assignments are made in Slate.

Snippets may also be used to insert HTML content conditionally into decision letters. The benefit of using Snippets is that they allow for HTML editing and formatting of the content prior to being merged into the letter. Snippets may be an efficient alternative to using extensive liquid markup in a letter template. 

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