Application Periods

You must configure a period and round schema to collect application data in Slate, whether applications in your process are created directly in Slate or by import.

  • Application Creation - Applications can only be created directly by selecting a round associated with an active period.  Historical applications can be imported to rounds associated with an inactive period, if necessary.
  • Can't have one without the other - Periods and rounds work in conjunction with one another; however, rounds must be associated with a period, so a period must be configured first.
  • The period year - The period year will only reflect the academic year and cycle if your admission process includes hard deadlines and a downtime when no applications are created.  If you have a rolling admission process or import applications, the period year will usually not serve any critical purpose.
  • Annual maintenance/Cycle Prep- Completed applications should be moved from an active period to an inactive period.  If ongoing processes such as rules or tracking queries are filtered to only include applications in an active period, this will remove these applications from the query return set.

To configure a period:

  1. Select Database on the top navigation bar
  2. Select Application Periods.
  3. Select Insert. A popup appears (pictured).
  4. Configure each setting* as necessary.

  5. Click Save

Periods Popup

*Click here for a complete listing of all setting descriptions.

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