Deliver Related Permissions

Several permissions related to Deliver exist in the User Permissions tool that can be granted to users, giving them various access to Deliver mailings.

Permission Code Description
Deliver deliver Grants a user access to creating their own mailing. This does not allow the user to send mailings, or to view other users' mailings. The user must have the Query permission to create a recipient list.
Deliver (edit all users) deliver_all Grants a user access to view and edit all users' mailings. If a mailing is assigned to a Realm that a user does not have access to, the user will not have access to this mailing even with this permission. The user must have the Query or Query (edit all users) permission to create or edit recipient lists.
Deliver Outbox deliver_outbox Grants a user access to place a Deliver message in the Outbox. 
Deliver Send deliver_send Grants a user access to send mailings. This permission can be combined with Deliver or Deliver (edit all users) to send either just their own or other users' mailings.
Deliver Snippets deliver_snippets Grants a user access to creating and editing existing Mailing Snippets.
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