Adding a Recipient List

Click on Edit Recipient Lists to add a mailing list or lists to the Deliver campaign. There are three options for adding recipient data:

  • New Query - Use the New Query option to generate a list of recipients by constructing a Live Query.
  • Import Query - Use the Import Query option to select a query previously created and saved using the Query tool.
  • Upload Spreadsheet - Use the Upload Spreadsheet option to add an Excel spreadsheet with recipient information.
New Query Setup

New Query Configuration

Name the query and filter for records to be included in the mailing:

  • Name - Give the new mailing query a descriptive name.
  • Sharing - Select this to share the query with other users who have query and query base permissions.
  • List Type - Select the appropriate list type. Create the query to generate an Include list. Suppression lists may be added through an uploaded spreadsheet.
  • Population - Select the right population who should receive this mailing. 
Query Settings

If desired, configure the query settings:

  • Edit Properties - A Secondary Key may be configured for tracking such that an email could be composed for each combination of Keys (i.e. multiple times for each single Primary Key).
  • Set Interaction - There is no need to set an interaction for the mailing as a Message interaction will automatically be created for the records.  Messages may be also queried upon for data about each mailing. The use case for this particular setting in Deliver is very narrow.
  • Preview Results - Displays up to one hundred (100) results for the Recipient List query and includes all active export parts.
  • Display SQL - Generates the SQL function of this query.
  • Save Copy - Copies the existing Recipient List query to a new query that is not related to the existing mailing. (Note:  Queries automatically save when exports and filters are added.  There is no need to Click Save copy unless a copy of the query is desired.)
Add Filters and Exports

Add the appropriate Exports and Filters necessary for the mailing:

  • Exports - A query must contain at least one export. Exports selected here will become available merge fields for the email message.  Be sure to include the export of Email.
  • Filters - Add Filters to isolate the records being targeted (or suppressed) for the mailing.
What is a Live Query?

When a mailing list is generated using the Build Query option, the query will be saved as a Live Query (sometimes called a Tracking Query). This means two things:

  1. Slate will run the query at the time the mailing is being sent.

    For example, the new Deliver campaign for all international prospects is built on a Monday with a plan to send the message on Friday. On Monday there are 20 international prospects in the query results. On Wednesday 10 more international prospects are added to Slate. When the message sends on Friday, the Live Query will send the message to all 30 records.
  2. Slate will store the execution history when a query is run, and each record will only be included once.

    The 30 records above would then be stored and would not be included the next time the mailing runs. If the Deliver campaign is an Ongoing campaign, the message will only be sent to new international records that entered Slate since the last message was sent.
Import Query

Queries saved in the Deliver > Templates folder can be imported as a recipient list query into a Deliver message. If a previously saved query should be imported into a Deliver message, take the following steps:

  1. Create a query in a Deliver > Templates folder in the Query tool. If a query was created previously that should be used in a recipient list, either move it to a folder called "Deliver" with a sub-folder called "Templates", or make a copy of it and place it in this folder. 
  2. Once a query is saved in this folder, "Import Query" will appear as an option for a Deliver mailing's recipient lists. Click Import Query on the recipient lists page of the Deliver message and select the desired query.

By adding a query as a recipient list in this manner, the imported query becomes a "live" query and can be adjusted as necessary for the message.


Make sure the "Sharing" setting is checked on the saved query.

Upload Spreadsheet

Excel spreadsheets may be used for Recipient and Suppression Lists. Once the spreadsheet has been uploaded, set the List Type to 'Include' or 'Suppression List.' 

Edit Recipient List - The Recipient and Suppression Lists will display as rows.

  • The Live Query will populate based on records that meet the criteria at the time the mailing is activated.
  • The spreadsheet lists will populate based only on the records that are uploaded.


Spreadsheet Recipient Lists are only stored in Slate for 60 days. If you schedule a mailing for more than 60 days after the date the Recipient List spreadsheet is uploaded, the mailing will not send to any recipients as the spreadsheet will have been deleted. Slate will still retain any Deliver Statistics for a successful mailing after the spreadsheet is deleted.


Make it Match! When multiple lists are used for recipients, export fields in all lists must match. For example, if one list is built from a Live Query, additional Live Queries must contain the same exports and any uploaded spreadsheets must have matching headers.

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