Format Mask in Forms

Forms (including forms for events and interviews, as well as reader review and rating forms) support formatting masks to ensure that data is entered and formatted consistently.  For example, a GPA field may be restricted to only numeric data with two digits following the decimal point.  In other examples, a field format may include a currency with a thousands separator, or a field may force the input to be in the form of an email address.

When building a form, click the "Edit Field" icon or double-click onto the form element:


For certain format masks, a pop-up message appears if the information is not provided in the expected format. For example, if text is entered for the email address but it does not follow the format, the registrant will see the following when they attempt to submit the form:


Internally, an attempted form submission will show this warning message:


Types of Masks Supported

Type Description 
email If just "email" is entered, it will force validation of the data as an email address
#,##0 The hash marks (#) indicate a digit placeholder, while a zero (0) will force the placement of a digit.  For example, a number entered as "5" with this formatting will be formatted as "5", whereas a number like "10000" will be formatted as "10,000".
0.000 This will force a number like "4.3" to be formatted as "4.300" and a number like "4.1234" to be formatted as "4.123", where it is rounded as needed.
0.00# This would format "4.3" as "4.30" and would format "4.301" as "4.301".

If a mask starts with a forward slash, it will interpret the mask as a regular expression and may be used for more precise field validation.

Note that changing or adding a format mask on a field won't automatically adjust the format of the existing data on a tab. However, if the tab is edited and resaved, it will update the data to use the new format mask. 

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