Event Landing Pages


Event Landing Pages should be created using a Portal Events Widget. This new method maintains parity with existing event landing pages and adds additional customization regarding formatting, grouping, and combining multiple calendars, lists, or/maps within a single page. Existing Event Landing pages can be converted seamlessly to portals at any time. You can find more detailed instructions here.

Event landing pages are distinctive and highly customizable microsites tailor-made for a wide-ranging audience, from prospective students to parents and beyond. These microsites elegantly showcase various events, such as information sessions, campus tours, and online events. Beyond providing information, they empower visitors to self-select and register autonomously, streamlining their engagement. With consolidated event details and an intuitive registration process, Slate ensures a seamless experience, making it easy for every attendee to engage and connect with the institution.

  1. Click Database in the top navigation bar and select Event Landing Pages.
  2. Click Insert.
  3. Enter the following configurations:
    • Status: Set to Active.
    • Key: This defines the URL of the event landing page. This value should not contain spaces or special characters other than dash (-) or underscore (_). For example: campus-visit
    • Name: Provide a name. This will serve as the title and heading of the event landing page.
    • Event Folders: Select the Event or Interview folders that contain the events or interviews to include.
    • Landing Page View: Choose landing page view.
      • Calendar: Shows a calendar with available event dates. Events are listed in this order:
        • Start Time
        • End Time
        • Name or Page Title
      • List View: Shows events in a list format. Select All Countries for the Country Restriction to list events in any country. The event list is grouped by location, with online events listed first. 
      • Map: Shows a map of event locations. Events must have a location to be featured on a Map View landing page. 
    • Description: Provide the instructions that appear on the web page. Format text and add images using the WYSIWYG editor.

Advertise the link to the event landing page on a website. The link will be:

[your instance URL]/portal/[key]

For example: https://admissions.slateuniversity.edu/portal/campus-visit



Once a date on the calendar is selected, links for all available events on that date will appear. Clicking the link for the event will open the registration form for that event. When setting up an Event Landing Page for interviews and multiple interviews that are available for a time (for example, three slots are available at 9:00 AM), the student will only see one link per time. Slate randomly assigns the registration to one of the available 9:00 AM slots.

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