Embedding Forms

The form builder supports both "simple" and "dynamic" embeds.

Both methods use <script> tags to inject the form into the hosting page's document object model (DOM), enabling the form to receive all of the CSS styles from the hosting page. Both methods insert the form through AJAX-friendly methods (that is, no "document.write" is used), and both methods provide field validation, address validation, and submit the data back into Slate.

The difference between the embed types has to do with the capabilities of pre-filling the form and passing query string parameters into it, as well as with adding the form through dynamic script. If you're absolutely sure you won't need these capabilities, select Simple Embed. Otherwise, select Dynamic Embed.

  • Only one Slate form can be embedded on a single webpage.
  • While embed codes are standard for things like a form you plan to display within a web page, it is rare but possible that an embedded code and your host web page may have minor instances of conflicting CSS coding. If you believe that something is preventing your embedded form from displaying accurately, you should reach out to whoever maintains your website to modify your web page's CSS.
  1. Click Forms in the top navigation bar.
  2. Click Edit Form
  3. Click Embed Form, and then choose the embed type


  4. Paste the copied code to the desired webpage(s)

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