💻 Need a Custom Dataset? Don't Fret!


Datasets are collections of non-applicant or prospect records. For example, community-based organizations, alumni contacts, or other groups that can be used for a variety of purposes. In this webinar, learn how to create a custom dataset and hear best practices for using datasets in outreach efforts.

Video Topics

Topic Timestamp
Webinar agenda 00:40
What are datasets? 01:16

Creating a custom dataset

  • Add Dataset
  • Create Fields
  • Establish Matching Criteria
  • Add Query Base
  • Add Lookup
  • Add Partial Match
  • New Record Form
  • Name Rule

Using your new dataset

  • Dataset-scoped Forms and Events
  • Dataset Types
  • Related Dataset Rows
Handling contact information in a custom dataset 34:07
Using Dataset Row Queries 36:07
Necessary field destinations when importing data 37:52
Filtering on custom dataset data 38:40
Managing tour guides/student volunteers 39:25
Custom dataset Icons 40:10
Webinar Q&A 41:10
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