Slate External iCal Integration for Outlook

Slate allows users to add external iCal feeds into Slate Events and Scheduler. Users can easily add institutional calendars, staff calendars and more, directly into Slate including any free/busy information.


When adding a web calendar, it will be added to both the Events and Scheduler calendars; these cannot be separated. iCal subscriptions from/to Slate will be updated every hour.

Adding an iCal Feed into the Slate Calendar

The US Holiday iCal is automatically available in Slate. If there is a need for a specific iCal, search for the URL here

Adding Events to an Individual Outlook Calendar

  1. Click Events or Scheduler in the top navigation bar.
  2. Select the iCal subscribe section on the lower right-hand side.
  3. Select All Events or Your Events ('Your Events' refers to events associated with a specific user).
  4. In the popup window, click Open Pick an app.
  5. Select Outlook.
  6. In the Outlook Calendar, click Yes in the popup window.

After following these steps, the Slate iCal will sync with the individual Outlook calendar on that user's computer.

Note: According to Microsoft: "Support for importing and synchronizing for iCal is not yet available in Outlook for Mac."

Adding an Individual Outlook Calendar to the Slate Calendar
  1. Go to the individual Outlook Calendar's Home tab.
  2. Select Publish Online > Publish this Calendar or Configure this Published Calendar
  3. The Outlook Calendar will open an internet browser. Enter the following configurations:
    • Select a Calendar - Select Calendar
    • Select Permissions - Select Availability Only
  4. Click Save to display the HTML and ICS links below.
  5. Right click on the ICS link, select Copy link address
  6. Click Events or Scheduler in the top navigation bar.
  7. Click Calendars located in the lower right section of the Events/Scheduler navigation menu:
    • Paste the ICS link from earlier into 'Add Calendar by URL'.
    • Select a color.
    • Select add.
  8. Provide a name to the newly added calendar.
  9. Select Save, and the calendar will now display under 'Calendars'. Select/unselect non-Slate calendars to display or not display respectively.
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