Adding Standard Slate Fields

Additional biographical information, such as 'Preferred Name' may be captured. Map these fields to standard Slate fields.

Use the Form Builder Palette to add a Text Box to the form.

  • Status - Set field to Active.
  • Type - Select the appropriate format type the type of question.
  • Label - This text will display as the instruction for the question. 
  • System Field - Map this field to the appropriate system field. The first menu corresponds with the different sections of the student record under the Profile tab. Once section is selected, choose corresponding system field.
  • Export Key - The Export Key will automatically populate based on the system field selected. 
  • Data Type - Set to Text/Unspecified.
  • Size - Change the size to 32 so this field will match the other field widths. 
  • Options - Do not mark this field as 'Required.' 
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