Online Interviews

Online interviews may be hosted in Slate using the Share webinar platform. This allows for live interviews using a computer's camera and audio. We highly recommend using land lines rather than WiFi signals when conducting these interviews as it allows for a more robust and consistent connection.

Event Templates

The first step to creating an online interview is to create a template:

  1. Click Scheduler in the top navigation bar.
  2. Click New Template.
  3. Enter the following Interview configurations in the popup window:
    • Provide a Template Name.
    • Click on the Location tab and check the box next to "Online Interview". This removes all the address fields.
    • Click Save
  4. Next, click "Edit Form" on the right side of the page:
    • Add any additional fields that need to be captured. Note: Be sure to always gather at least First, Last, and Email so that the student’s registration can be assigned back to the appropriate record.
  5. Create interview slots as done for an in-person interview. Click the button for "Create Interviews". 
    • Pay special attention to the folder in which these interviews are placed. This will come into play if/when creating a landing page or wanting to use these in a related events widget.
Interview Feedback Report Form

Create a Report Form

If during the interview the interviewer will be filling out a review form, navigate to the Forms tool, create a person-scoped form (or an application-scoped form if your interview template is application-scoped), and map the fields and questions to be asked the student during the interview process.

Associate the Report Form with the Interview Template

Attach the report form to the interview template by taking the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Scheduler template to which the report form should be attached.
  2. Click Edit Form, then Edit Properties.
  3. Select the report form recently created under the 'Report Form' setting. Click Save


Person-scoped interviews and interview report forms will only permit a student to have one interview per interview template and report form. Any subsequent completions of an interview report form for a student will overwrite earlier form responses.

The scope should never be switched when forms, events, interviews, etc. are active and in use.


Create communications associated with the Online Interview:

  1. Click Edit Communications.
  2. Click New Mailing and enter the following Communications configurations:
    • Name - Give the mailing a descriptive name. 
    • Trigger- Select the appropriate options for sending the message.
    • Group - Select the appropriate group.
  3. Click Edit Message and include text in the body of the email and any other formatting. 
    • To provide the link to the online interview, be sure to include the merge field "Form-Share-Link". It appears as "Access Webinar" when dragging it into the mailing.
    • In the "Recipient" field, be sure to insert the {{sys-email}} merge field from the list on the right so the email will be sent to the registered person.
    • Click Save.

When the registrant accesses the webinar through the link, they will automatically be marked as attended.

Going Live with an Online Interview

On the top left of the screen in the Template or on the individual interview, there is an option called Share. 

In the screenshot below of an individual interview: The first highlight is the public URL – this is the link to be provided to students to access the interview. The second highlight is the Connect link. This is the link to click to begin the interview on the administrator/interviewer end once a student has registered for the interview. 


To open the Share platform:

  1. Click Connect.
    • Once the interview time has arrived, the interviewee will click Broadcast in the upper right-hand corner to begin the interview
    • The interviewee will then be prompted to connect to a video source. The interviewee will be unable to broadcast if he or she is not connected to a webcam.
    • Once the interviewee is broadcasting, his or her picture will appear in the upper right-hand corner of their connection and the interviewer’s image will be at center
    • 'Audio Only' can be selected for the Video Output if video is not desired
  2. Click Broadcast when interviewer is ready to start the interview and share his or her image and audio. 
    • The interviewer's picture will display in the upper right-hand corner and the interviewee's picture will be at center. Additionally, if an interview review form has been created and associated with the template, that review form will now display on the right side of the screen. This form will only be visible on the administrative end and will not be seen by the student interviewee.
    • The Broadcast button controls the feed. If there is a need to toggle between audio options, click on the Broadcast button, which will end the picture. It can immediately be started back up by clicking on Broadcast again.
    • Once the interview is complete, both users simply close out of the interview. If a response form was submitted during the interview, that form response interaction will now show on the interviewee's timeline.

The Janus WebRTC extension is required when sharing the screen. We recommend using browsers such as Chrome and Firefox which support WebRTC. WebRTC is a new technology across browsers and is still being developed. It is not available, for example, on Safari. WebRTC is the only option for streaming audio/video at this point, which is why it is the basis of the Share service.

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