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Fields are questions you ask to collect data throughout forms, events, applications, and more. Imagine that your data lived exclusively in an excel spreadsheet. Fields would translate to column headers, and the values saved for these fields would reside in the cells.

Field types include:

    1. Free Text - An open-ended text field with no preset answer options.

    2. Single Value - A preset list of values is presented, but the user can only select one answer.

    3. Multiple Value - A preset list of values is presented, and the user can select as many options as they'd like.

    4. Bit (Yes/No) - A user must select either Yes or No as their answer

Form with all field types shown



Fields can collect open-ended, free text content. However, the use of predefined answers from which to choose is beneficial for several reasons:

  • Ease of Use - Whether data is being entered by prospective students or staff members, selecting from a menu of options is often easier than typing in custom answers. Reducing barriers to submission is key, particularly for inquiry and application forms.

  • Querying and Reporting - Filter your queries based on specific answers to identify particular demographics. Build reports to assess data trends and inform future decisions.

  • Data Consistency and Accuracy - Using a free text field, you might find the same answer submitted by different users with slight variation (think Facebook, Face Book, and facebook). Ensure that responses are formatted the way you need by providing those options in a predefined format.
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