💻 Slate Interactive Encore: Understanding Configurable Joins and How to Use Them


Join us for a discussion on how to approach Configurable Joins as a tool and how it can be used to access the data needed for your everyday queries and reports. 

This Slate Interactive session was originally presented at the 2019 Slate Innovation Summit. Encore webinar air date: 8/14/2019

Video Topics

Topic Timestamp
Agenda 00:30

Review core concepts

Relational Databases—what are queries really doing? 00:52
What are Configurable Joins? 05:00
New features 06:00
Subquery filters 06:10
Extended exports/filters 06:35
Dynamic generation of exports and filters 07:10
"Inception" - Subqueries within subqueries 07:30
Configurable Joins everywhere 08:00
Defining terms 08:10
Joins 08:15
Subquery Exports 17:50
Subquery Filters 22:58
Tips for Configuring Success 26:10
Webinar Q&A 27:55
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