Deletion Log

With the Deletion Log, Slate provides the ability to track and restore applications and dataset records that have been manually deleted within a database. 

Using the Deletion Log
  1. Select Database on the top navigation bar and select Deletion Log. A list of all items in the deletion log appears.
  2. Note the right-side list of deleted item types. Use the list to filter the deleted item list and show only applications or only datasets. Datasets includes deleted Organization records, Organization Contact records, and custom dataset records.
  3. Selecting a deleted dataset record from the deletion log views key properties related to it. For example, selecting the listing for a deleted dataset record opens a dialog box to display the record name, the date deleted, the dataset it was deleted from, the key, and the date the record was originally created, along with an aggregate count of the number of records related to the deleted record.
  4. Selecting a deleted application record from the deletion log opens a dialog box displaying a link to the record it was deleted from, the date it was deleted, the user associated with the deletion, and additional properties about the application.

The Deletion Log is valuable for viewing and restoring deleted records. To restore a record, select the row of the item to restore, and select Restore in the dialog box.

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