đź’» Common App Preparations Summer 2019


This video provides a discussion of the Common Application import process for the 2019-2020 cycle, including updates specific to the First Year and Transfer Application processes.

Video Topics

Topic Timestamp
Agenda 01:12
Timeline - First Year/Transfer Process 01:50
Roles and Responsibilities 17:03
SDS Global Configuration 22:52
Daily Process 28:40
Testing 32:25
Support Resources 33:37
"Do's and Don'ts" 14:25
Remapping in Slate - demonstration 15:55
Webinar Q&A 33:30
Timing of Coalition Application process 33:45
SAT "Adversity Score" questions 35:08
SDS Process Authorization 36:30
Global Export Templates - available 8/12/2019 37:50
Requesting a test file from the Common App 38:36
First Year files available 8/12/2019 39:27
No updates necessary to export templates in CA Control Center 39:43
Benefits of using the automated SDS process 40:25
Custom Member Screen Question Mapping - create new custom fields as needed 42:10
Tips for mapping Common App activities 43:05
Importing CommonApp Suspect & Prospect files 44:15
Importing PDF materials 45:20
Mapping GPA, scale, and rank data from CommonAppRecommendations 46:03
CommonApp Transfer—discussion 47:06
CommonApp Transfer—managing applicant uploaded documents 48:43
Communicating with Suspects and Prospects via Slate 50:52
Uploading files manually before the start of SDS 53:07
CommonApp Transfer—cumulative payment files 54:00

No records will be created/imported until Remap Active = Active

Material imports—folio vs application record 56:36
CommonAppProspects—setting Inquiry as person status 57:20
Adding counselor names to the Organization Contacts dataset 58:23
Renaming CommonApp Transfer question labels—data normalization 59:30
Remap Active and Remap As Of Date 1:01:05
Tip—navigating directly to a specific Remap page 1:02:30
Creating a specific "Common Application" material 1:04:09
PDF parsing—error checking 1:05:15
CommonApp Transfer—school-specific transcripts with CEEB code 1:06:30
School mapping—setting current school as high priority 1:08:40
Final Thoughts - Key Takeaways 1:10:27


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