đź’» 2019-2020 Common App Cycle Preparations


This video was recorded for the 2019-2020 Common Application cycle. It includes some year specific updates and information but is otherwise relevant to the current process. Register for this year's Common Application webinar in Home Slate.

Video Topics

Topic Timestamp
Agenda 01:12
Timeline - First Year/Transfer Process 01:50
Roles and Responsibilities 17:03
SDS Global Configuration 22:52
Daily Process 28:40
Testing 32:25
Support Resources 33:37
"Do's and Don'ts" 14:25
Remapping in Slate - demonstration 15:55
Webinar Q&A 33:30
Timing of Coalition Application process 33:45
SAT "Adversity Score" questions 35:08
SDS Process Authorization 36:30
Global Export Templates - available 8/12/2019 37:50
Requesting a test file from the Common App 38:36
First Year files available 8/12/2019 39:27
No updates necessary to export templates in CA Control Center 39:43
Benefits of using the automated SDS process 40:25
Custom Member Screen Question Mapping - create new custom fields as needed 42:10
Tips for mapping Common App activities 43:05
Importing CommonApp Suspect & Prospect files 44:15
Importing PDF materials 45:20
Mapping GPA, scale, and rank data from CommonAppRecommendations 46:03
CommonApp Transfer—discussion 47:06
CommonApp Transfer—managing applicant uploaded documents 48:43
Communicating with Suspects and Prospects via Slate 50:52
Uploading files manually before the start of SDS 53:07
CommonApp Transfer—cumulative payment files 54:00

No records will be created/imported until Remap Active = Active

Material imports—folio vs application record 56:36
CommonAppProspects—setting Inquiry as person status 57:20
Adding counselor names to the Organization Contacts dataset 58:23
Renaming CommonApp Transfer question labels—data normalization 59:30
Remap Active and Remap As Of Date 1:01:05
Tip—navigating directly to a specific Remap page 1:02:30
Creating a specific "Common Application" material 1:04:09
PDF parsing—error checking 1:05:15
CommonApp Transfer—school-specific transcripts with CEEB code 1:06:30
School mapping—setting current school as high priority 1:08:40
Final Thoughts - Key Takeaways 1:10:27


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