💻 Checklist and Material Tactics


Learn more about system materials and auto-generated checklist item functionality. Additionally, we cover best practices for creating custom materials, custom checklist items (including school-scoped items), and checklist rules.

Video Topics

Topic Timestamp
Webinar opening credits 00:08
Webinar agenda 01:36
Checklist Items vs Materials 02:18
Standard Auto-generated checklist functionality 03:15
Disabling standard checklist functionality 10:48
Custom Materials and Checklist Items 15:52
Checklist Groups and Rules 18:47
School-scoped Materials, Checklist Items, and Rules 25:50
Webinar Q&A - pre-submitted questions 33:13
Question 1 - Hard fails vs checklist items 33:22
Question 2 - Accepting multiple test score types 34:30
Question 3 - Material scope: Person/Application vs School 38:02
Question 4 - Post-admit checklists and checklist groups 40:13
Question 5 - Restricting status page material upload by population 41:33
Webinar Q&A - open chat 44:10
Maverick's Sign-off 46:22
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