💻 Annual Checkup on Checklists

In this webinar we review best practices for setting up checklists for different application types, and demonstrate configuring assignment rules for custom and school-scoped checklist items.

Original Air Date: 08/30/2018

Video Topics

Topic Timestamp
Webinar Agenda 00:20
Checklist Goals 00:55
Auto-Generated Checklist Functionality 01:26
Transcripts 02:45
School Reports 03:42
Recommendations 04:50
Test Scores 33:37
Custom Checklist Functionality: Options, Rules, and Best Practices 06:10
Custom School-Scoped Checklist Functionality: Rules and Best Practices 18:48
Custom Checklist Sections: Functionality and Examples 21:00
Demonstration: example applicant scenario and building checklist functionality in Slate 23:23
Webinar Q&A 38:10
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