School-Scoped Materials

School-scoped items in Slate are great to use when customizing your process as it relates to schools associated with a person. Items that can be school-scoped are:

  • Materials
  • Checklists

Additionally, school-scoped checklist items allow for unique action items within the Rules Editor.

School-scoped materials are any material that should be tied to a specific school on a person's record. Most commonly these school-scoped items will be transcript-related and will be the primary focus. Two such school-scoped materials come standard with Slate:

  • Transcript (Copy)
  • Transcript (Official)

Each of these material's keys begin with "sys:"' and have specialized back-end functionality in Slate, which will be covered in the coming sections.

Additional school-scoped materials (such as a mid-year transcript or a final transcript) that are more tailored to a process can be created to add or replace the Slate standard materials.


If your process relies only on the related functionality associated with the Slate standard materials of Transcript (Official) and Transcript (Copy), creating custom school-scoped materials is not necessary.

Partners should not create custom school-scoped materials that begin with a key of "sys:". This will not provide the same inherent functionality included with the standard Transcript (Copy) and Transcript (Official) materials.

Note: Each custom material key should be unique.

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