Missing Checklist Items Recurring Email

To help encourage applicants to complete their checklist, Partners might consider sending a recurring email (every X days) to applicants with a list of their missing checklist items. To configure this type of message: 

  1. Click Deliver in the top navigation bar.
  2. Create a Deliver mailing and the appropriate reminder content. 
  3. Configure the Recipient List
  4. Add the appropriate Exports, including the "Application Checklist Items by Section, Status, Type" export. This export allows users to select the sections, status, and type of checklist items that should appear in the list:
    • Section - For missing checklist items, we recommend selecting the sections that should appear.
    • Status - Select Missing.
    • Include Status in Export? - Select No as all of these items will be missing.
    • Type - Select Public. This will avoid displaying any private/internal only checklist items. 
  5. Add the appropriate Filters, including the Application Status = Awaiting Materials, or use any other checklist filters to determine the applicants who should receive this mailing based on the institution's process and checklist requirements. 
  6. Configure the Deliver settings under Send Mailing:
    • Ongoing - Enable this setting.
    • Deduping - Select the "Allow recurring delivery of this message to the same recipient", and then select the frequency with which this mailing is to be sent (e.g., every "14 days").

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