Emojis in Email and SMS Messages

Support for emojis is available within Deliver for SMS and Email messages.

To use emojis:

  1. Visit a site like emojipedia.org and copy an emoji to the clipboard.
  2. Paste emojis into a Deliver mailing, either into the subject or body. These are supported both in emails as well as SMS text messages, and the message counter in SMS will update to reflect the 70-character message size if it detects a Unicode character.

SMS messages longer than 70 characters will be chunked into multiple SMS messages, which most providers and phones will now automatically send in a single message. When editing the message, the font-based representation of the emoji will be displayed, and in the preview mode, a color representation using the open source icon set from Twitter.


Remember that emojis may not be displayable in some email clients.

Using an emoji for an SMS message will reduce the available characters for a single message from 160 to 70.

  Best Practices

Emojis have a device-specific presentation. The icons will also differ between Android and iPhone platforms.

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