Caching application data upon submission

If you have one or more applications hosted in Slate, you may be interested in freezing the application data as it existed at the time of submission for historical archiving and auditing purposes.  Following the submission of an application, staff or the applicant may end up making any number of changes to application data, including changes to address, degree or program of study, biographical changes, etc. While these changes often are intended to correct clerical errors or minor changes of heart, the changes may be more substantive and may be worthy of recording.

Slate provides a built-in mechanism to freeze the application data at the moment of submission to a "Slate Application Upon Submission" material type, which uses the auto-app PDF template to provide a document representation of the application at the time of submission.

Enabling the Cached Application

  1. Select Database on the top navigation bar and select Materials.
  2. Select Insert.
  3. Enter the following configurations:
    • Status - Make sure that the status is marked as inactive.
    • Key - The key must be "sys:application_cached"
    • Name - It is sometimes beneficial to give this material a name such as "Cached application".

That's it!  Once the material has been created, future Slate application submissions automatically add this material to the Materials list on the Student Record.

Note: Administratively un-submitting and then re-submitting the application from the Application Details palette on the Student Record will not generate a cached application.


The cached application PDF will not display data captured within replicate blocks or custom application widgets (Schools, Jobs, Relationships, Sports, and Activities).
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