Assigning Decision Letters (Legacy)

Use the Release Decisions module to assign a decision letter to records that have confirmed decisions. Select Awaiting Assignment view and select the appropriate Decision Groups that need a decision letter:

  • Decision Groups: Select the Decision Group that needs to have a decision letter assigned. (Only one Decision Group can be selected at a time in the Awaiting Assignment view.)
  • Display: After selecting a Decision Group, select Display to view all of the applicants within a Decision Group.
  • Letter: Select the decision letter that should be assigned to the selected records. This menu only displays decision letters that are associated with the group’s confirmed decision (that is, only letters associated with the Admit decision appear for a group with confirmed Admit decisions).
  • Displayed Applicants: After selecting Display, use the check boxes to batch-assign the selected decision letter for the selected records.
  • Assign: Select the Assign button to assign the letter and move the selected records into the Awaiting Release view.
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