Require Program Deadlines

Prevent the submission of the application if the applicant selected a program where that program’s special deadline has passed.

In this example, Biology applicants who are accessing the Review page after 01/05/2021 at 11:59:59 PM will receive a message that reads, "The deadline for this program as passed."

  1. Type - Submission Requirement
  2. Section: Select the page that displays the custom application field.
  3. Name - Provide the text that will display when the applicant is missing information.
  4. Warning -Select Hard Fail.
  5. Base - Configurable Joins - Application
  6. Filters - Select a date using the Current Date Filter in combination with each field that should have a value saved.

  Best Practice

  • Use the deadline on your application rounds whenever possible. If only some of your programs have different deadlines, you may decide to make submission requirements to accomplish this.
  • Be sure to include all program-specific deadline information in your application instructions, so applicants know which programs are available.
  • Program-specific deadlines should never occur after the application round deadline. The deadline on the round restricts all external access to the application after that date.
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