Submission Requirements (Hard and Soft Fails)

Two types of submission requirements can be created for any data in a Slate-hosted application.

Hard Fail Soft Fail

Warns that required data is missing from the application and must be provided before an application can be submitted.

For example:

    • At least two letters of recommendation
    • One essay
    • Mobile phone
    • Mailing address
    • Permanent address

Warns that required data is missing from the application, but this will not prevent an application from successfully being submitted.

For example:

    • Middle name
    • Work experience
    • Optional personal statement

Filters may be applied to show requirements for a certain segment of the application population. For example, an international applicant, applying to a Graduate Round with an interest in Engineering must submit the following materials that are specific to that program.

Submission requirements appear on the Review page of the application:


Active doesn't matter! Remember that applicants see submission requirements on the Review page of the application prior to submitting the application. If the applicant can access the Review page, the application round and period are active, and the deadline has not passed. Therefore, you do not need to filter on current application period or application submission status when making submission requirements.

Inserting Submission Requirements

Add hard and soft fails to an application through the Application Logic function within Slate:

  1. Select Database on the top navigation bar
  2. Select Application Logic.
  3. Select Insert. A popup appears (pictured).
  4. Configure each setting* as necessary.

  5. Click Save

*Click here for a complete listing of all setting descriptions.

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