Decision Reply Form

Use the Forms module to create online reply forms. Start by making the form that admitted students will see once they view the admission letter on the Applicant Status page.

Making a Reply Form
  1. Select Forms on the top navigation bar.
  2. Select New Form.
  3. Enter the following User configurations in the dialog box:
    • Page Title: Give your form a clear name.
    • Folder: Create a new folder called "Reply Forms."
    • Status: Set to Confirmed/Active.
    • Deadline: Do not set a deadline. You may set a deadline for applicants to respond when you create your rules for this reply form during Stage III.
    • Timezone: Skip the time zone setting.
    • Registrant Limit: Do not set a registration limit or waitlist.
    • Privacy: This should remain cleared. Do not select.
    • User (optional): Provide a Slate user.
    • Admin Notify: Leave this blank.
    • Related Records: Skip this setting.

  Best Practice

Make this an easy form to complete. The only data point that absolutely needs to be captured on the form is the applicant's accepting your offer of admission. To encourage submission of this form, limit the number of additional questions that you ask. For example, a common form might ask just one additional question for applicants who are declining the offer of admission: “Which institution will you attend instead?”

Editing the Form

After providing preliminary form information, select Edit Form to configure your form questions and properties. Follow these guidelines when creating questions for the reply form:

Do not ask for personal information (such as Name, Address, or Email).

Applicants can only access this form by logging in to their applicant status page. Slate already knows which record is associated with the form response. Including personal information fields could allow applicants to change information that could cause data problems (for example, if a parent updates the name on a form to their own name).

You must include one required field.

“Do you accept the offer of admission?” is the most important question on your form. The applicant’s response will initiate your post-decisions rules.

Provide only two clear possible answers for the reply question:

  • I ACCEPT my offer of admission
  • I DECLINE my offer of admission

Use Option Buttons so the applicant can select only one response.

Configure Your Form!

After selecting the Edit Form link, be sure to select Edit Properties to provide the proper configurations:

  • Scope: Reply forms must be application scoped forms
  • Multiple: Should not allow multiple submissions
  • Require Checklist: Must have Require Checklist selected

Use the Form Builder tools in the right column to construct the reply form. Add form elements by dragging items from the tool menu.

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