Creating a Test Application

It is best practice to create a test person record and an application for that test record in Slate. Use this person record to regularly test a Slate application when developing pages, conditional logic, submission requirements, status pages, and more.

Test the Applicant Experience

While it is possible to create a test record and an accompanying application administratively, the most organic approach to testing is by experiencing exactly what the applicant experiences. To start, navigate to the application management page in an incognito window in your browser. Doing so ensures that you are administratively signed in as yourself, the Slate administrator:

Testing Administratively

Using an incognito window is recommended as this will allow you, the administrator, to see and experience the same thing that an applicant would. However, it is also possible to create a person/application administratively within Slate:

  1. Select Lookup on the top navigation bar.
  2. Select your test record
  3. Select the Profile tab.
  4. Select Create Application.
  5. Select a Round.
  6. Leave Application Submitted unchecked.
  7. Select Create.



This administrative pop-up will display all active and inactive Rounds since the record is being created administratively. 
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