💻 Slate Interactive Encore (2019): Make it Work(flow)! When to Use a Workflow in Your Review Process


While the Reader offers a great deal of flexibility for internal reviews, there are times when a Workflow may be necessary for parallel processes. Join us for a discussion about when to use Workflows, and best practice recommendations for person, application, and dataset scoped Workflows.

This Slate Interactive session was originally presented at the 2019 Slate Innovation Summit. Encore webinar air date: 8/7/2019


Video Topics

Topic Timestamp
Definition of a Workflow 00:50
Workflow scopes 02:05
Enable Reader on desired Query base 03:05
Application scoped Workflows 04:30
Person scoped Workflows 10:30
Dataset scoped Workflows 18:10

Use case demonstration: event/college fair invitation managemen

Webinar Q&A 37:40
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