đź’» Slate Interactive Encore: Automating Communications in Slate with Populations, Rules, and Emails


Join us for a conversation about setting up populations and mailings and we'll demonstrate how the interconnectivity of Slate tools can help you build an effective drip marketing campaign. Topics will include the importance of scope, order of operations, and troubleshooting tips.

This Slate Interactive session was originally presented at the 2019 Slate Innovation Summit. Encore webinar air date: 7/31/2019

Video Topics

Topic Timestamp
Automated communications—order of operations 00:50
Step 1: Create a population & population rule 01:30
Step 2: Create mailings in the campaign 05:30
Step 3: Schedule mailings to send 21:00
Step 4: Activate population rules 26:40
Order of operations—recap 30:50
Pre-submitted Q&A:  
"Can I permission the campaigns by department?" 31:35
"How does UTM tracking work and can I use print with UTM?" 32:35
"Should my population rules be in an exclusivity group?" 38:20
"How can we prevent records from receiving multiple emails on the same day, or receiving too many emails in a week?" 38:55
"If a record is removed from a population and then re-added, is the timestamp reset?" 40:30
"Do recipient list queries need to check for the existence of an email address? How can we check for bad or bounced emails?" 41:20
"Is it necessary to have different populations for each sub-group in a campaign(e.g., major, citizenship status, sex, etc)?" 42:50
"Can multiple email addresses (e.g., email, parent 1 email, parent 2 email, etc) be added to the same recipient field in a mailing?" 44:52
"What are some best practice recommendations for migrating from one-off emails to campaigns?" 46:46
"Can one overuse populations?" 47:40
"What is the best way to send a personalized mailing to a record after meeting her at an event?" 48:25
"How do I handle adding emails to an active campaign?" 49:45
"How do I build a population that includes both inquiries and applicants?" 51:40
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