Query Bases (Joinable) Settings

Setting Description
Status  Set the status to 'Active' for Query Bases that are being used
Name A descriptive name which, generally, matches the table name

There are three options...

  • Lookup - becomes the System option in base selection (preview mode)
  • Records - primary records (e.g., Person, Application, Datasets)
  • Related - all others, will be most used
Key A short (~3 characters), descriptive code plus __JID_ (underscore, underscore, JID, underscore.) The _JID_ is replaced with a unique alias so the three character codes do not have to be unique but it is helpful if they are informative.
Enable Query Select yes when this base is ready to be synced to others. For initial build and testing, this should be set to No.
From Clause Table name plus key (e.g., [lookup.decision.reason] ldr__JID_)
Join Clause Rarely used, should not be necessary as each query base should be a very basic building block. If you are joining something here, consider carefully whether that should be its own base.
Where Clause Rarely used, minimize use so these can be configured by users with other joins. Example usage is Application where deleted apps are removed from the base.
Scope Match table name (including periods.)
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