💻 Slate Interactive Encore (2019): Planning, Configuring, and Maintaining Slate-Hosted Applications


Join us for an audience-driven discussion on how to plan and configure Slate-hosted applications. Cycle prep and best practice recommendations for year-over-year maintenance are also discussed. 

Slate Interactive session was originally presented at the 2019 Slate Innovation Summit. Encore webinar air date: 7/24/2019

Video Topics

Topic Timestamp
Pre-submitted audience questions:  

Period and round management

Archiving periods and rounds 10:15
Creating new application pages vs updating existing pages for the new cycle, including rolling admission considerations 11:00
Creating custom form pages to replace standard XSLT pages 19:37
Making edits to standard XSLT pages (e.g., aca or academic history) 26:22
Migrating to custom form pages 28:30
Adding custom prompts to the Sex field 30:30
Using a query to identify unsubmitted applications that meet a particular hard fail criteria 33:20
Managing multiple types of applications with varied deadlines, configurations, and payment requirements in the same application architecture 35:40
Using a custom school page to set a school to high priority 41:50
Long term migration goals for standard XSLT application pages 48:00
Webinar Live Q&A 50:10



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