Query Joins Settings

Query Joins

Setting description
Status  Set the status to 'Active' for joins that are being used
Base The originating base
Base 2 The base to be joined
Name A descriptive name usually including Base 2 and any other necessary descriptors of configuration options (e.g., Address By Rank Overall)

There are three options.

  • Standard - does not change the row count use LEFT OUTER
  • Multiple - does change the row count use INNER
  • Identity - used to allow a base to inherit exports/filters and joins from another base, rare, will be used to connect a generic base (e.g., Tests) to a specialized base (e.g., ACT Scores).
Memo Should not be necessary but available if needed to better describe what is happening. Again, everything should be broken down in the such small, simple base units/joins, further description beyond the name should be unnecessary.
Join Clause Base should be referenced in the join by it's key (e.g., a__JID_) while Base 2 will replace JID with XID (e.g., a__XID_) to allow joins back to the same table and the appropriate alias replacement conditions.
Operands, Operators, Where Prompts Used to configure a join as before (e.g., filtering address by rank_overall)
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