Form/Event Activation Date and Time

Registration forms configured with a status of 'Confirmed/Active' are immediately live. However, there may be times when an active form, event, or slot should keep registrants from filling out the form until a specified date and time, even if it is published externally on a website or landing page. The activation date and time setting allows individual forms, events, and slots to be configured for a specific go live date.

Using the Activation Date and Time Setting

Within a form, event, Scheduler slot, or when creating events in batch from a template of any of the above, provide an activation date and time within the form or event settings:

  1. Navigate to the desired form, event, or slot.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Enter the Activation Date and Time configuration in the Details tab in the dialog box. If adding an activation date and time when creating multiple events or slots in batch, enter a number of hours prior to the event's start time. This will apply to each event created with this action.

    Click the Slate Scholar Lightbulb    in the top left corner for a complete listing of all setting descriptions.

Once the activation date and time is configured, a custom unavailable message can be configured using the HTML editor.

activation date unavailable message

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