Form Fields / Unmapped Fields

Unmapped form fields can capture data that is not essential within the larger context of the person record, but it may help accomplish a business process.

For example, a question may be asked on an inquiry form if the student would like a viewbook to be mailed to them:

Use the Form Builder Palette to add an Option Buttons field to the form.

  • Status - Set field to Active.
  • Type - Select a compatible format type for your question.
  • Label - This text will display as the instruction for your question.
  • System Field - Important: Leave this option blank for a form field.
  • Export Key - Provide an export key that will be associated with your question. Always use lowercase and no spaces when making an export key. Export keys should also feature at least one letter, so that Slate interprets these as strings rather than numbers.
  • Prompts - Add each possible prompt option that the prospective student may select. Each prompt must be on a separate line.

This form field would appear on your form like this:

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