Custom Fields

Form fields may be mapped to the custom fields that are created in Database>Fields.

Use the Right Tool!

Carefully consider the Form Builder Palette tool needed for the custom field.

For example, if the custom field is configured in Database>Fields to store a single prompt value, then use a Form Builder Palette tool that will display prompt options that only allow a single response.

Use the Form Builder Palette to add an Option Buttons field to the form.

  • Status - Set field to Active.
  • Type - Select a compatible format type for the question.
  • Label - This text will display as the instruction for the question.
  • System Field - Map this field to the custom field under the Field menu.
  • Options- Other than possibly making a field required, skip the remaining items at this time.


This mapped form field would appear on the form like this:

When the form is submitted, the response to this question will also populate the custom field created in Database>Fields. This field can then be displayed within a Custom Tab on the Person Record.

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