Migrating Custom Organization Contact Email & Phone Fields

The organization contacts dataset is pre-delivered with custom fields for phone and email, in addition to the standard device table. The current best practice is to inactivate the custom phone field, convert the custom email field into a unique-for-merging field (as outlined in the Managing Organization Contacts article), and use the device table to store email addresses and phone numbers for organization contacts. If the custom phone and email fields are currently in use, migrate data from these fields to the device table.

  Is migrating to the device table required?

Leveraging the device table is not required. However, Slate partners often choose to use the device table so that email communications sent to organization contacts are stored on the record timeline. This is not possible with the custom fields for phone and email.

Migrating the Data

1. Create an organization contacts scoped query and add the following exports:
  • Organization Contact GUID
  • Organization Contacts Phone
  • Organization Contacts Email

2. Run the query.

3. From the Output list, select Excel Spreadsheet.

4. Once the spreadsheet is saved, open the Upload Dataset tool and configure the following:

    • File Format: Set to New Spreadsheet/Data File.
    • Destination Scope: Set to Person/Dataset Record.
    • Record Type: Set to Organization Contacts.
    • Update Only: Select, since the imported file should not create new records and should only update existing records.

5. Add the Excel file previously exported and select Upload.

6. Select Build Import.

7. Map the fields imported from the Excel spreadsheet as shown below, ensuring that the phone number field and the email address field are not associated with the same device group:


8. Select Static Mappings from the Upload Dataset menu and add the following static mappings, ensuring the group matches that of the corresponding field mappings from the previous step:

9. Select Review from the Upload Dataset menu and select Run Import.

Auditing and Converting Resources Using the Custom Fields

Once the data from the custom phone and email fields has been migrated to the Slate standard device table, it is important to take inventory of all of the places in Slate that used the custom fields and should now use the device table.


If using the custom email field as a unique for merging field, continue to map to this field on forms and source formats in addition to mapping to the device table. This process is outlined in the Organization Contact New Record Form article.

Both the device type and the device value system fields must exist for Slate to create or match on an existing email or phone entry on the device table:


Use the following checklist to audit and replace the custom phone and email organization contact fields with the standard device table fields:

🔲 Active Data Entry Forms
🔲 Active Event Forms
🔲 Active Recipient Lists in Deliver Mailings
🔲 Dashboards
🔲 Dataset Row Query
🔲 Queries
🔲 Reports
🔲 Source Formats
🔲 Tabs


If using the custom email field as a unique for merging field, we encourage removing the custom email field from a tab, so it is only updated by forms, imports, and rules. Creating a rule to update the email unique for merging field from the email address stored in the device table is outlined in the Managing Organization Contacts article.


When auditing any resources that use a form (data entry forms, event forms, tabs), it is important to follow the guidelines listed below:

  • Inactivate the custom phone field - do not delete the form field as the data will be lost from prior form submissions.
  • Review Organization Contact New Record Form for additional best practice recommendations. 


When auditing any resources that leverage queries (including reports, dashboards, and recipient lists), the best practice is to inactivate exports and filters rather than delete them.

Source Formats

When importing data using the Upload Dataset tool, the following actions must take place:

Field Mappings

The email address field and phone number field must be mapped to:

Destination Field Group        Screenshot
Device Device - Value 1
Device Device - Value 2

Static Mappings

Map each device to Device-Type and the appropriate type (make sure the group value matches the group value from step 1):

Destination Field Value Group Screenshot
Device Device - Type Mobile Phone 1
Device #2 Device - Type Email Address 2  
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