Application Management directly links you to colleges and universities that use Slate. Each Slate college and university will decide which applicant data points they wish to share with schools in These points can include the following:

  • Application Round and Deadline
  • Application Status
  • Application Decision and Decision Date
  • Checklist Items 

The Applications Tab allows you to see shared applications across all students.

  What if I don't see my students listed in

What if I know students who have applied to Slate schools, but the school is not listed? If a Slate institution does not opt-in to sharing applicant data, that institution will not appear under the 'colleges' section nor will any applicants who have applied to those institutions display under the 'students' section. If you have questions regarding a specific applicant, we recommend contacting the college or university directly.

Reviewing the Application Data Sharing Table

Click on the Colleges tab in the top navigation to see a list of students who have applied to Slate institutions that have opted in to share applicant data.

In addition to choosing to opt into sharing applicant data, institutions have the choice to share as much or as little data as they please. Slate institutions can configure the following to be shared or not shared with schools in

Column Name Description
College Name of the Slate institution to which the student has applied.
Round Type of application that was submitted. This typically will correspond to the decision type, such as Regular Decision, Early Action, Early Decision, etc. 
Status The status of the application is displayed here. While these can vary by institution, typically, they are listed as: Awaiting Submission, Awaiting Payment, Awaiting Materials, Awaiting Decision, Awaiting Confirmation, and Decided.
Checklists The checklist names and statuses will appear exactly as they display on the applicant's status page.
Materials Upload specific material types on behalf of applicants directly to the application record.
Decision Once a decision is made on an application, it will be posted here. Decision names can vary by institution. 

General Definitions

Term Description
Awaiting Submission The applicant has not clicked the "Submit" button on the application.

Awaiting Payment (not applicable to all applicants if an institution does not require an application fee)

The applicant has submitted the application but has not yet paid the application fee. In most cases, the applicant will not be able to view the status of the application until the fee is paid. 
For students who are using an application fee waiver, the institution will need to process that waiver on the application record to move out of this phase.

Awaiting Materials
The applicant has submitted the application and paid the application fee. Still, there are supporting documents that have not yet been processed (the items may have been received, but the Office of Admission has not yet processed or attached them to the applicant's record).
Awaiting Decision
The applicant has submitted the application, paid the application fee, all required supporting documents have been processed, and the application is in the process of being reviewed.
Awaiting Confirmation
The applicant has submitted the application and paid the application fee. All required supporting documents have been processed, and the application has been reviewed, but the final decision has not yet been rendered.

A decision has been made.

Display Decision Data

Slate institutions have the following options regarding displaying decision data:

  1. Do not share with institutions.
  2. Share only decisions that the applicant has viewed in the online status portal.
  3. Share all decisions that have been released (regardless if the applicant has viewed the decision in the online status portal).
  4. Share all decisions that have been released (irrespective if the applicant has viewed the decision in the online status portal), but delay the posting of the decision by X days.

Navigating the Application Data Sharing Table

When you click on a student's record, you may see the following view:


In our example, we clicked on the record for Ruby Brown, who has applications to two different schools. If one school is chosen in this view, a summary of only this application record will display, including the following:


  • Application Status: The college name, round, deadline, and decision.
  • Application Checklist. If enabled, the application checklist viewed by the applicant on their application status portal will be visible. Items that the institution has not processed will be marked with and items that the institution has processed will be marked with  . The date it was processed ("Received") will be displayed. Remember, the institution may have received the document but not yet processed it to the student record.
  • Upload Supporting Documents Section. If enabled, this allows uploading items directly to the student's application record at the institution. The available items for upload are listed in the drop-down menu. After choosing the document type, then choosing the file, click on uploadfile.jpg to complete the process. Successfully uploaded documents will be listed in this section.


Upload Documents

Colleges and universities that use Slate can opt in to sharing applicant data, checklists, statuses, and decisions. Additionally, you can track where students are in the application process and upload documents to complete applications for review. Student data is never bought or sold, and maintains 100% data privacy.

To upload materials, complete the following steps:

1. Navigate to any student's record

2. Go to the document upload section

3. Upload any missing material, such as transcript, letter of recommendation, etc.

Do note that this is not an automatic upload and the college will not see it right away. The data push takes 2 - 3 hours to complete the upload.

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