Application Management directly links you to colleges and universities that use Slate. Each Slate college and university  will decide which applicant data points they wish to share with schools in These points may include the following:

  • Application Round and Deadline
  • Application Status
  • Application Decision and Decision Date
  • Checklist Items 

The Application Tracker allows you to see shared applications across all students organized by application status. 

community_help.png What if I don't see my students listed in What if I have students who I know have applied to Slate schools, but the school is not listed? If a Slate partner institution does not opt in to sharing applicant data, that institution will not appear under the 'colleges' section nor will any applicants who have applied to those institutions display under the 'students' section. If you have questions regarding a specific applicant, we recommend contacting the college or university directly.

Reviewing the Application Data Sharing Table

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