Temporarily Blocked Accounts

Logging into a Slate application or status page requires the use of an email address and password. For security purposes, Slate will temporarily lock an account after 10 failed login attempts in a 30 minute period.

A temporary lockout occurs if:

  • There are more than 10 failed login attempts to a single account within a 30 minute period
  • An IP address will be locked out if 50 or more failed login attempts were initiated from that IP address, regardless of the account 

The temporary lockout utilizes a rolling 30 minute period, so the lockout is released when the number of failed logins drops below the threshold.

When a temporary lockout occurs, the applicant will see a 403 Forbidden error with one of the following messages:

  • A single account lockout - 'Logins to this account have been temporarily blocked'
  • An IP address lockout - 'Logins from this computer have been temporarily blocked'

The "forgot password" link on the login page allows them to reset their password.

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