Cloning Applications

Some processes call for cloning a submitted application for deferral processes or applying for multiple programs via one application. The institution needs to create separate application records in the database. Cloned applications will be related to the original application, called the Master Application. Only submitted applications can be cloned and will not include:

  • Video Essays from the primary application
  • Digital Portfolio
  1. Select Records from the top navigation.
  2. Use Lookup to search for the appropriate student record.
  3. Select the application tab to be cloned.
  4. Select Edit Application Details from the right-hand navigation.
  5. Select Clone. (If the application has not been submitted, an application cannot be cloned.)
  6. From the Round list, select a round for the new application.
  7. Select which Application-scoped material types and payment information should be carried over to the cloned application. In this example, only materials of the type Letter of RecommendationResume, and High School Transcript will be cloned.



By default, the Copy Materials and Waive Application Fee options are selected. If a process requires the cloned app to have new materials or another application fee, clear the appropriate options before selecting Clone.

Selecting or unselecting Copy Materials will include or exclude all application-scoped material types with one click.


If the Round for the cloned application is set to allow a status page, the applicant will have two application status pages when they log in.

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