Letter Templates Settings

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Setting Description
Status Letters should be set to either Active or Archived.
  • Archived - Letters from previous periods or rounds should be set to Archived

    Archived letters will not be available for assignment.
Summary The title or description of letter.
Export Code Each letter can be assigned an export code. (Optional)
Effective Each letter will have an effective date set. The effective date will indicate the date on which date a letter can be assigned to an applicant. 
Decision Each letter is associated with a particular decision. 
Options Overall description
  • Default letter for decision code - Selecting this option will make letter the default for a particular decision code. Default for decision is only recommended if there is one letter for the decision code.  
  • Include images and HTML formatting in PDF - Selecting this option will preserve images and HTML formatting when letter is downloaded as a PDF administratively or by the applicant. 
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