Reports - New / Edit Report Settings

New/ Edit Report

Setting Description
Name  Displays name of report on the list of reports as well as the title of the report when rendered as a PDF. Name can be updated at any time.
Folder Place report a folder and/or subfolder.
Orientation All reports render as 8.5" x 11" in either portrait or landscape orientation.
Color All graphs and charts within the report utilize a defined set of 10 colors. These can be customized precisely using either the palette selector or hexadecimal color notation. 
Recipients  Reports can be automatically emailed on a predetermined schedule. Recipients are listed here with multiple email addresses separated by commas. Note: email is not a secure method of communication and extra caution should be observed when reporting individually identifiable or otherwise sensitive information. 
Weekdays Determine which days of the week the report should be sent. A minimum of one weekday must be selected.
Delivery Window Determine which time of the day the report should be sent. A minimum of one delivery window must be selected.
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