Giving Tab - Planned Giving Settings

New Planned Gift / Edit Planned Gift

Setting Description
Type Select the type of gift (such as cash, property, stock, in-kind services, etc.). These gift types can be created and modified by configuring prompts for Slate standard advancement fields. This field is required to save a gift. 
Campaign Allows for the ability to associate an individual gift with a particular fundraising campaign. Select the appropriate campaign from the list. 
Fund Select the appropriate fund from the list. These are particular accounts where people can donate. All gifts must be associated with a fund. 
Opportunity Associate the pledge with a potential gift suggested by institutional research and giving history. This will only display if there is an opportunity for the record.
Appeal This field displays only if specific appeals have been set up. These are specific outreach efforts, such as a new graduate appeal. 
Anonymous If selected, the donor's name will not appear in external publications.
Revocable Select whether the pledge can be reversed by the donor or if the gift is a contractual or legally binding agreement.
User The gift officer to be associated with a solicitation or gift. This defaults to the current user but can be changed.
Date Select the date the pledge was made.
Status Select the status of the gift. Statuses for gifts, pledges, and planned gifts can be configured when setting up the Slate standard advancement fields. This field is required to record a gift. 
Amount Enter the amount of the gift. This field is required to save a gift. 
Amount Received  This field displays once a planned gift has been entered. It displays the amount that has been received and applied to the planned gift.
Amount Not Received  This field displays once a planned gift has been entered. It displays the balance (or the amount not received) remaining for the planned gift. 
Occasion Should the gift be made with a particular reason, such as In Honor Of or In Memorium, selecting the appropriate prompt will allow the gift to be connected to a separate existing record within Slate.
Honoring Search for a record within Slate for which to associate the occasion reason.
Honoring Other If honoring an individual not in Slate, enter a free-text honoree name. 
Notes This field stores custom, internal notes associated with a gift, pledge, or planned gift.
External ID This field allows for a unique ID to be assigned to a particular gift, typically to export to other systems.
Suggested Soft Credits This field pulls in linked relationship records to easily apply soft credits. Can be defaulted according to how the relationship records are configured
Soft Credits Search active records in Slate and add additional soft credits (non-relationships).
Documents This field displays advancement materials associated with particular gifts, pledges, or planned gifts (such as copies of checks).
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